Barnes Road Improvements

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map of project area

Aerial view of Barnes road project area. 

Barnes Road between Powers Boulevard and Solar Ridge Drive to the west currently has two lanes of traffic in each direction, with no median, sidewalks, bike lanes or drainage facilities, and a steep downhill slope from the west toward Powers Boulevard.  Colorado Springs voters have approved two projects to fund improvements to Barnes Road, via the PPRTA-2 “A List” approved by voters in 2012, and the City’s 2C paving program approved by voters in 2015.  This project will widen Barnes to four lanes with median, sidewalk and bike lanes between Powers Boulevard and the Homestead Trail crossing, just east of Solar Ridge Drive. 

Key Elements

  • Improvements include curb and gutter, sidewalks, median, turn lanes
  • Install storm drain infrastructure
  • Prepare the intersection for future signal installation at Rio Vista Rd.


Construction will begin in late February and will last 10 months, depending on weather and resources. Barnes Road will be opened in its final four-lane configuration by the end of the year.

Preparatory Work (late February to March)

  • Shoulder work and outside lane closures on the south side of the Project.  The initial work will include grading and earthwork to move overhead electric lines underground and relocate other components of the local electrical network.

Phase 1 (late March to May)

  • One lane in each direction on north side of the roadway for work on south side of project zone.

Phase 2A (approx. June to July)

  • Shift traffic to new lanes on south side of road for work on the north side of the roadway and median. This will include work in the median west of Solar Ridge Drive.

Phase 2B (July to August)

  • One lane of traffic will continue to flow in each direction on the southside of the road, except at the intersection of Barnes Road and Chaparral Road/Rio Vista Drive, where westbound Barnes Road will be shifted to the north side of the road so crews can work in the middle of the intersection.

Phase 3 (August to September)

  • One lane of traffic will flow in each direction of Barnes Road while crews work on the median

Phase 4/Completion (September to October)

  • The PPRTA roadway work is anticipated to be completed by Sept. 15, at which point the Project will be handed over to the 2C Program to place the final lift of asphalt.  PPRTA construction activities may continue outside the roadway to complete sidewalks, utilities and other tasks into November, weather-permitting.


The project budget is approximately $3.25 million funded by the voter-approved PPRTA2.  The top-lift of asphalt will be provided by the 2C program, with a separate contractor and a separate funding source.

Project Team

  • Project Manager: Kevin Diekelman, City of Colorado Springs
  • Engineering Design: SEH, Inc.
  • Construction Management: AECOM
  • Construction Contractor: Pyramid Construction, Inc.
  • Public Involvement: Hayward, LLC

Public Information Contact

George Hayward, Hayward LLC |, 719-314-5018.

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