Neighborhood Services

Neighborhood Services

The Code of the City of Colorado Springs encompasses any regulation or provision required and/or enforced within the City of Colorado Springs. The entire Code is available online.

View City Code Online

When to Fill out the Code or Zoning Enforcement Complaint form

  • graffiti
  • litter, trash, sanitation
  • weeds
  • commercial & industrial noise
  • sheds, decks, home additions, fences
  • home based businesses
  • garage sales
  • lights shining into rights-of-way or neighboring properties
  • landscaping maintenance on commercial properties

Contacts for Other Complaints

Call the Colorado Springs Police Department

non-emergency line at 444-7000

  • noise complaints including loud music, vehicles and parties
  • recreational vehicles located on public streets
  • abandoned vehicles located on public streets

Contact Traffic Engineering

(719) 385-5908 or at

  • complaints dealing with streets
  • traffic standards
  • sight visibility

What is Neighborhood Services?

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