Starsmore Visitor and Nature Center

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Cherished as a local landmark for many years, this stone building was originally the home of the Starsmore family. It was purchased by the City of Colorado Springs and moved to its present location in 1992. It serves as an introduction to Cheyenne Cañon and its beautiful waterfalls, rock formations, wildflowers and wildlife. Here you will discover activities for guests of all ages. Begin your exploration of the park at Starsmore Visitor and Nature Center, where you will find:

  • Free Cañon Maps
  • Regional Information
  • Bird-watching Window
  • Fascinating Dioramas and hands-on Nature Exhibits
  • Programs: Guided hikes, children’s nature programs, Golden Prospects, Birthday Parties, Tipi Raising & Ute Heritage Workshop, Junior Ranger Program, and more!

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are available for the Starsmore Visitor and Nature Center and Hellen Hunt Falls. 

Adult Volunteers

Teen Volunteers

Hours of Operation:

Spring and Fall Schedule, Tuesday – Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (First Tuesday of April to Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day  to October 31st)

Summer schedule, Daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day)


2120 South Cheyenne Cañon Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Phone: (719) 385-6086 | Fax: (719) 385-6090
Questions? Email us

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(popular group and school programs)
Available Spring, Summer, and Fall
Call (719) 385-6086 for more information.

Junior Ranger Program (Ages 8-12)  

Based on the National Park Junior Ranger Programs, our program is offered as a self-guided experience. Each participant will receive a Discovery Booklet, a beautiful patch and a colorful certificate of completion.  The Discovery Booklet encourages children to learn about the natural and cultural history of our Cañon from to Starsmore Discovery Center. The Junior Ranger Program is also offered as a guided program.

Tipi Raising and Ute Heritage Workshop (Grades 3-6)  

This adventurous program involves some hiking, transporting and setting up an authentic tipi, and learning about the way of life of the native Ute People through interactive, hands-on experiences. 

Golden Prospects (Grades 3-5)

Learn the technique of panning for gold, what gold looks like among fools, and where it can be found in the state. Discuss the Colorado Gold Rush of 1859, discover items from the 1800s in a prospector’s pack and imagine life from a real tent.

Insects Everywhere (Grades 2-4)  

Children discover insects that lurk in the leaf litter, hang out in the trees, hide in the creek, and fly with amazing wings.  It's all hands-on and you don't know what kind of little creature you will uncover.

Wildlife Habitats (Grades 1-3)  

Find out about the fascinating animals that are our wildlife "neighbors" in Colorado Springs. Discover more about our mountain habitat by hiking to find the habitat log learning stations.

Nature Detectives (Grades K-2)  

Learn about Colorado Wildlife and their specialized senses that help them survive.  Students will use their five senses to experience this mountainous, natural park.

Andy's Animal Senses (Ages 3-5)  

Andy walks children through his world of touch, sight, smell, and hearing. He introduces young explorers to his animal friends with special noses, paws, eyes and ears. This award-winning program features hands-on activities and a walk through the woods.