Crime Prevention Program

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As part of the NeighborhoodA geographic sub-area within the city that contains but is not limited to residential land uses. The extent of a neighborhood is variable and may be defined by tradition, organizational boundaries, period of building and development, or subdivision patterns. Neighborhood boundaries may include such features as major streets or other physical elements. Watch Program, the CSPD Crime Prevention Program focuses on providing citizens and businesses with tips on how to prevent becoming a victim of a crime. 

The specialized officers who staff this program are dedicated to:


  • Reducing crime and the fear of crime
  • Increasing the knowledge of citizens in providing "pro-active" crime prevention strategies
  • Encouraging and training citizens in neighborhood watch activities
  • Training the community in a wide array of crime prevention approaches & techniques
  • Providing home and business security checks

Contact your local police substation to request to speak to your Crime Prevention Officer.

Home & Business Security Check Program

Is your home or business vulnerable to crime? Learn more about having a specialized officer provide an onsite assessment of your home or business.

A program that provides grants to low-income senior citizens to improve the security of their home.