Management Services Division

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The Management Services Division has a diverse mission that includes Records & Identification Section; Police Academy; and Project Management (Technology and Facilities). 

Records & Identification Section

The Records & ID section serves as the central processing point and repository for all reports and other paperwork generated by officers in the course of their work, as well as certain records for the Fountain Police Department.  They provide fingerprint operations at the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center (CJC).

  • Records Management Technical Support Team: Responsible for the technical support for our regional records management system. They manage day-to-day maintenance, software updates and issue resolution.
  • Operations Unit: Tasked with staffing the City ID Room at CJC.  Responsibilities include fingerprinting, photographing and taking DNA from inmates.  They also complete public fingerprinting at the Police Operations Center and Stetson Hills substation.  In addition, they register sex offenders residing within the city limits of Colorado Springs.
  • Record Release Unit: Process all requests for records from citizens, law enforcement agencies ,the media and attorneys in compliance with applicable laws.
  • Record Processing Unit: Process and maintain the quality of the records being added in the records management system. They also report CSPD's NIBRs data to the Colorado Springs Bureau of Investigation and the FBI.
  • Substation Support Unit: Staffed by specially trained records technicians to provide a full spectrum of services offered by the Records Section to officers at the substations

Training Academy

The Training Academy is responsible for the training of all new CSPD recruit officers, ongoing civilian and sworn in-service trainings, and facilitating the Chiefs of Police Leading in Police Organizations leadership course.

Police Project & Web-Operations Management

There are two Project Management sections that ensure projects are managed effectively and deliver the expected results within time and budget constraints.

  • Technology Project Management and Web Operations: Responsible for evaluating and implementing technology improvements for the department, in collaboration with the City IT department, setting technology project standards, providing guidance and training on technical project management, and managing technical projects.  Manages the public Web site for the Police Department.
  • Facility Project Management: Responsible for evaluating and implementing facility improvements for the department, including new construction projects.  The Facility Project Manager also manages the Facilities Unit, which is responsible for aspect of the maintenance of all CSPD facilities throughout the city, from general maintenance to overseeing the janitorial contract for CSPD facilities.

Fleet/Supply Unit

This unit is tasked with managing and issuing of all supplies used by the CSPD. It is also responsible for the overall management of the CSPD's fleet of regular and specialized vehicles. The unit serves as the central mailroom facility for the CSPD.