Police Service Concerns & Complaints

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The Colorado Springs Police Department is committed to providing professional policing services to the citizens we serve. If you believe that our service was not adequate or a staff member was not professional, please call the Colorado Springs Police Department Internal Affairs Section at 719-444-7417. You may also call any one of our substations and request to speak to the on-duty supervisor. 


  • Gold Hill Patrol Division: 719-385-2100
  • Sand Creek Patrol Division: 719-444-7270
  • Falcon Patrol Division: 719-444-7240
  • Stetson Hills Division: 719-444-3140


Detailed Information on the Complaint Process   En Español


You may file a preliminary complaint using our online form.  This form may also be used to submit a compliment as well. All submissions are reviewed by the CSPD Internal Affairs Unit.


Online Complaint / Compliment Form


Justice Department Funding and Non-Discrimination
Federal law prohibits recipients of Justice Department funding from discriminating against individuals or groups, either in employment or in the delivery of services or benefits, on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or disability. In addition, federal law prohibits recipients of Justice Department funding from discriminating on the basis of age in the delivery of services or benefits. City and CSPD policy also prohibit discrimination. If you believe you have been the target of discrimination, in addition to following the complaint procedures for CSPD, you may also choose to file a complaint with the federal Office for Civil Rights by following the instructions in the link below.

La financiación por medio del Departamento de la Justicia y la falta de discriminación

La ley federal prohíbe a los beneficiarios de fondos del Departamento de Justicia de discriminar en contra de los individuos o grupos, o en el empleo o en la prestación de servicios o beneficios, sobre la base de raza, color,  origen nacional, religión, sexo o discapacidad.  Además, la ley federal prohíbe a los beneficiarios de los fondos del Departamento de la Justicia a discriminar a base de edad al prestar los servicios o beneficios.  La declaración de principios de la Ciudad y del Departamento de la Policía de Colorado Springs (CSPD) también prohíbe la discriminación.  Si usted cree que ha sido el objetivo de la discriminación, además de seguir los procedimientos de reclamación para CSPD, usted puede también elegir la presentación de una queja con la Oficina Federal para Los Derechos Civiles al seguir las instrucciones del enlace a continuación.