Professional Standards Division

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The civilians and sworn officers assigned to the Professional Standards Division provide a variety of support services to the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD). The division is comprised of four sections and three units.  The four sections are the Internal Affairs Section; Planning and Compliance Section; Public Affairs Section; and Evidence/Impound Section. The units in this division include the Community Relations Unit; Evidence Unit; and Impound Facility Unit.

Internal Affairs Section

The Internal Affairs Unit is tasked with investigating serious complaints against the members of the police department, presenting critical incident reviews to staff, monitoring the Early Intervention Program and routinely inspecting section/units within the department for compliance to policy.

  • Public Information Unit: Serves as the liaison for the department to various media outlets and is responsible for all press releases and media appearances for the CSPD. The unit is overseen by the department's Public Information Officer.
  • Community Relations Unit: Engages the community and maintains open communication between various groups and the Chief of Police.
    • Identifies crime and quality of life concerns and work together with the community to enhance public safety.
    • Oversees the teen Explorer Program, conducts public speaking engagements, honor guard activities, and works with CSPD Human Resources on recruiting efforts

Planning and Compliance Section

The planning and compliance section of the Professional Standards Division is responsible for a number of behind-the-scenes tasks that are vital to the department’s operation. The section provides objective research and planning support to department decision makers using workload and staffing assessment, primary and secondary research, and data analysis. The section is responsible for writing the department’s grant applications as well as the programmatic administration of all grants after they are awarded. The section assists in continuous improvement and mitigation of risk and liability through accreditation, oversight of policies and procedures, inspections, administration of the department’s policy and accreditation management technology, and program audits. The section analyzes legislation introduced at the state level, providing the department’s perspective on pending bills. The section is also responsible for statutory and ordinance updates to reporting systems and reference guides. Through strategic planning and performance management, the section provides key information on department goals and objectives. The section acts as the liaison to outside researchers at academic institutions.

Evidence and Impound Lot Section

The Evidence and Impound Lot Section is responsible for the ongoing management of a broad spectrum of the equipment and critical services used by CSPD officers. The section is composed of several units.

  • Evidence Unit: Responsible for the management of all case evidence and property placed by officers
  • Impound Lot Unit: Central point of control and management for all vehicles impounded/towed by the CSPD & CSFD. The unit is also responsible for conducting vehicle auctions.