31st Street Traffic Study

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Study Overview

Based on feedback and neighborhoodA geographic sub-area within the city that contains but is not limited to residential land uses. The extent of a neighborhood is variable and may be defined by tradition, organizational boundaries, period of building and development, or subdivision patterns. Neighborhood boundaries may include such features as major streets or other physical elements. concerns for congestion on 31st Street as well as safety concerns at the intersection at Pikes Peak Ave. the City has initiated a traffic study of 31st Street to investigate current conditions and develop recommended immediate and long-term improvements to the area.

The City objectives for the project include evaluation of elements including:

  • Improve signalized traffic intersection operations of 31st Street at Colorado Blvd and US-24
  • Consider the proposed roundabout at Fontanero Blvd and 31st Street in street operations
  • Safety for bicycles and pedestrians, especially at 31st Street and Pikes Peak.
  • Neighborhood access and traffic impacts

Study Area

31st Street between Highway 24 and W Fontenaro Street.


Strategies were developed and packed as options based on cost considering reductions in traffic congestion and safety for traffic, bicycle, and pedestrians. These proposed options were designed to be compatible with stakeholder input and community development goals and can be interchangeable.

Option 1: Minimal Infrastructure Investment

  • Restripe southbound 31st Street from Echo Lane to US 24
    • Improved operations
    • Improved lane utilization
  • Right-in Right-out at Pikes Peak
    • Improved Safety
    • Provide Bike/Pedestrian Refuge Crossing
  • US-24 Crosswalk
    • Relocate crosswalk to west side of 31st Street to help signal timing and provide consistency for pedestrians

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Option 2: Moderate Investment

  • Construct north/southbound right-turn lanes between Colorado and Hwy 24 for improved operations
  • Reconstruct the Pikes Peak Avenue intersection restricting northbound left-turns onto westbound Pikes Peak Avenue
    • Improved Safety
    • Provide Some Bike/Pedestrian refuge
    • Maintain Southbound-left turns
  • US-24 Crosswalk
    • Relocated crosswalk to west side of 31st to help signal timing and provide consistency for pedestrians.

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Option 3: Maximum Reliability

  • Construct a Median at Pikes Peak Avenue limiting turns to Right-in Right-out
    • Improved Safety
    • Provide Bike/Pedestrian Median Refuge
  • Construct roundabout at Bijou Street/Echo Lane
    • Improves interaction operation
    • Traffic Calming
    • Maintains Accessibility
  • Add center left-turn lane on 31st Street between Colorado Ave and Highway 24
    • Additional Storage for left-turning vehicles
  • US-24 Crosswalk
    • Relocate crosswalk to west side of 31st to help signal timing and provide consistency for Pedestrians

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Integration with Other Plans and Projects

The study identified relevant plans and projects that will impact the project area. These plans included:

  • US-24 Environmental Assessment
  • Proposed Roundabout at Fontanero Blvd and 31st Street
  • 31st Street Drainage Channel Improvements and related street changes
  • Removal of On-Street Bike Lanes, Trail incorporated in drainage channel

Next steps

The project team is actively working to create a recommendation for traffic improvements which will be presented at a public meeting July 24, 2019.

Public Outreach and Neighborhood Input

Previous Public Outreach Efforts

  • Stakeholder meeting: The team identified a group of stakeholders to engage and provide meaningful input to the project through meetings at milestone decision points. Stakeholders groups included:
    • Neighborhood representatives
    • A representative from the Active Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC)
    • Business owners
    • CDOT representative
  • Neighborhood meeting: April 23, 2019