Common Tree Issues and Resources

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Downed tree limbs from heavy wind or snow

For trees in the public right of way:

Call City Forestry at 385-5942. After business hours, please leave a message with your name, address, and zip code and crews will pick up the branches as quickly as the situation allows. If it is an emergency, you can call the Colorado Springs Police Department's Dispatch at 719-444-7000.

For trees on private property:

City Forestry is unable to remove trees or branches from trees on your private property. These are the responsibility of private property owners.  Click for a list of licensed tree services

Dispose of downed tree limbs or other yard waste

You can drop off your own yard waste (leaves, tree clippings, old fence wood, etc.--NOT painted wood) at Rocky Top Resources, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays, FREE with a canned good donation for Care and Share. Rocky Top Resources is located at 1755 E. Las Vegas Street. For more information call 719-579-9103.

Power lines

If you have trees or branches that have fallen on power lines or transformers, or tree limbs are growing into and above the power lines, contact Colorado Springs Utilities at 719-448-4800


If animals are damaging your tree, contact the Division of Wildlife at 719-227-5200.

Tree appears unhealthy

If you have a problem that can't be identified, or if more than one tree is showing the same symptoms, it may be time to call in a licensed professional.  Don't trust just anyone with a chain saw for the health of your valuable landscape assets. It's a good idea to check with your county Extension Office with tree questions, and there is also a website called Plant Facts Database that has a searchable database of fact sheets from Extension services across the country.  Another valuable resource is the Colorado State Forest Service.