Public Safety Officials Remind You to Keep Your Butt In The Car

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Keep Your Butt in the Car | 2019

Today, Fire Chief Collas, Police Chief Niske and El Paso County Sheriff Elder teamed up to kick off the Colorado Springs fire department PSA reminding everyone to Keep Your Butt In The Car! The City and County are teaming up to tell you to discard your cigarette in an appropriate receptacle.

The amount of acreage burned due to wildfire in El Paso County is in the thousands, and multiple structures have burned in the City because of improper discarding of cigarettes. We hope to remind everyone to use a can or buy a portable ashtray to help keep Colorado Springs beautiful and safe-- don't carelessly discard your cigarette butts whether driving or walking.

Please watch the video here and come by any City of Colorado Springs Government Fire Station to pick up a bumper sticker to help spread the word And please share this message!