Mission and Core Values

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Providing the highest quality problem solving, fire and rescue service to our community since 1894.

Core Values


The Colorado Springs Fire Department remains accountable to our employees and the community through responsible stewardship of our resources and ownership of our actions.


The Colorado Springs Fire Department demonstrates physical courage when taking calculated risks during the mitigation of emergencies and shows moral courage by doing what is right for the protection of our coworkers and our community.


The Colorado Springs Fire Departments stands united in promoting excellence of character and integrity while adhering to what is right and ethical.


The Colorado Springs Fire Department exhibits professionalism through pride, passion, and dedication with intense preparation toward mastery over all with which we have been entrusted.


The Colorado Springs Fire Department strives to positively impact our community and members of our organization by placing the needs of others before self, without judgment or thought of reward.


The vision of the Colorado Springs Fire Department is to be internationally recognized as a industry leader that sets the highest standards in safeguarding our community.