School Programs

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​The Colorado Springs Fire Department offers a variety of fire and life safety education classes and trainings for both students and faculty. For more information or to request a program at your facility, please submit the Program Inquiry Form or call 719-385-7376.


For Faculty

The Colorado Springs Fire Department has an integrated risk reduction program called SchoolLink that provides schools with education and resources to have a fire safe school. The program helps schools with mandatory fire reporting, avoiding common fire code violations, evacuation planning and drill practice as well as how to refer a student that has misused fire.


For Second Grade Students

Designed specifically for 2nd graders, the“SAFE in Second Grade” presentation teaches fire safety, the importance of wearing bike helmets, what students should know in an emergency situation and knowing how and when to activate 911. This is a FREE 50-60 minute presentation that:

  • Meets Colorado Academic Standards
  • 10-50 students per session
  • Multiple or back-to-back sessions available

SafetyFactor2 Resources

Meets the Second Grade Colorado Academic Standards!

  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Reading, Writing and Communicating
  • Comprehensive Health Standards

Oral expression and listening; Reading for all purposes; Research and Reasoning; Information Literacy; Critical thinking and Reasoning; Self Direction; Prevention and Risk Management in Health; Physical and Personal Wellness

Safety Factor


For 6th Grade Students

FireFactor educates middle school students on the proper use of fire and the consequences of unsupervised, experimental or illegal use of fire. This FREE 50-minute high-tech, multimedia and interactive presentation covers the Colorado education standards in earth science, health and physical education including:

  • Fire in today’s media and its social acceptance
  • Fire safety and consequences for fire misuse
  • The crime of juvenile arson
  • Fire’s influence on populations and geography
  • Wildfires in Colorado

See Youth Misuse of Fire for more information on FireFactor intervention programs.