Job Classifications & Descriptions

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Complete Classification List in Alphabetical order

Accountant I

Accountant II

Accounting Technician I

Accounting Technician II

Accounts Payable Receivable Supervisor

ADA Coordinator

Administrative Technician

Airport Accounting Manager

Airport Accounting Supervisor

Airport Corporate Outreach Specialist

Airport Customer Relations Coordinator 

Airport Design & Construction Manager

Airport Facilities Supervisor

Airport IT Program Manager

Airport Marketing and Advertising Specialist

Airport Marketing and Communications Manager

Airport Operations Manager

Airport Operations and Communications Supervisor

Airport Operations Agent 

Airport Planner

Airport Properties Administrator

Airport Properties Specialist I

Airport Security Specialist

Air Service Development Manager

Analyst I

Analyst II

Application Support Administrator I

Application Support Administrator II

Applications Development Manager

Applications Programmer Analyst I

Applications Programmer Analyst II



Assistant City Attorney

Assistant City Auditor

Assistant Finance Director

Assistant Human Resources Director

Assistant Planning Director

Assistant to Council

Assistant to the Chief of Staff

Assistant to the Mayor

Associate Attorney

Associate Fleet Technician


Auditor I 

Auditor II

Audit Supervisor

Aviation Assistant Director

Aviation Director

Background Investigator

Behavioral Health Clinic Navigator I

Behavioral Health Clinic Navigator II

Budget Manager

Business Analyst II

Buyer I

Buyer II

Capital Project Coordinator

Cemetery Division Manager

Cemetery Specialist

Cemetery Supervisor

Cemetery Technician

Central Finance Technician I

Central Finance Technician II

Central Finance Lead

Chief Communications Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Human Resources & Risk Officer

Chief Information Officer

Chief Probation Officer

Chief of Staff/ Chief Administrative Officer

City Accounting Manager

City Accounting Supervisor 

City Attorney/ Chief Legal Officer

City Attorney Division Chief 

City Auditor

City Clerk

City Council Administrator

City Facilities Administrator

City Forester

City Grants Manager 

City Horticulturist

Civilian Criminal Investigator

Claims Adjustor I

Claims Adjuster II

Claims Technician

Clerk of Court

CMCB Coordinator

Code Enforcement Officer 

Code Enforcement Supervisor

Code Enforcement Technician

Communications Center Dispatcher

Community Behavioral Health Clinician

Community Behavioral Health Coordinator

Community Health Emergency Medical Technician

Community Health Paramedic 

Community Health Supervisor

Community Medical Social Navigator

Community Service Officer

Community Service Officer Supervisor

Contracting Specialist I

Contracting Specialist II

Contracting Technician II

Construction Project Manager

Construction Project Specialist

Courtroom Assistant

Crime Analysis Supervisor

Crime Lab Manager

Crime Lab Supervisor

Crime Scene Investigator

Cultural Services Division Manager

Cyber Security Analyst I

Cyber Security Analyst II

Database Administrator I

Database Administrator II

Deputy City Attorney

Deputy City Clerk

Deputy Fire Marshal

Deputy Public Works Director

Digital Imaging Technician

District Crew Leader

DNA Analyst

DNA Technical Leader


Economic Development Manager

Economic Development Officer

Economic Development Specialist 

Electronic SpecialistEMS Field Specialist

Emergency Response Technician

Engineer I

Engineer II

Engineer III

Engineering Division Manager

Engineering Program Manager

Engineering Specialist

Engineering Supervisor

Engineering Technician I

Engineering Technician II

Engineering Technician III

Environmental Safety and Health Specialist

Equipment Operator I

Equipment Operator II

ERP Systems Analyst I

ERP Systems Analyst II

Evidence Technician

Fingerprint Records and ID Technician

Fire Administrative Services Manager

Fire Audio Visual Specialist

Fire and Life Safety Educator

Fire Chief

Fire Code Inspector I

Fire Code Inspector II

Fire Community and Public Health Provider I

Fire Deputy Chief

Fire Marshal

Fire Medical Programs Coordinator

Fire Prevention Section Supervisor

Fire Protection Engineer I

Fire Protection Engineer II

Fleet Manager

Fleet Services Coordinator

Fleet Services Supervisor

Fleet Specialist

Fleet Technician

Forensic Chemist


Forestry Technician I

Forestry Technician II

GIS Analyst I

GIS Analyst II

GIS Supervisor

GIS Technician

Golf Course Superintendent

Golf Courses Division Manager

Graphics Technician

Homeland Security Program Coordinator

Homelessness Prevention and Response Coordinator

HUD Program Manager

Human Resource Business Partner

Human Resource Generalist

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager Compensation and Benefits

Human Resources Supervisor

Human Resources Technician I

Human Resources Technician II

Information Systems Auditor I

Information Systems Auditor II

Information Systems Audit Supervisor

Information Systems Manager II

Information Technology Architect II

Innovation and Sustainability Supervisor

Inspector I

Inspector II

Inspector III

Investigative Specialist

IT Project Manager I

IT Project Manager II

ITSM Coordinator

IT Solutions Engineer

Landscape Architect I

Landscape Architect II

Latent Fingerprint Examiner

Lead Public Communications Specialist

Lead Transit Dispatcher

Legal Administrator

Legal Secretary

License Enforcement Officer I

License Enforcement Officer II

License Specialist I

License Specialist II

Licensed Surveyor

MS4 Permit Coordinator

Maintenance Services Worker

Maintenance Technician I

Maintenance Technician II

Marketing Specialist


Medical Assistant

Medical Navigator I

Municipal Court Administrator

Municipal Court Clerk I

Municipal Court Clerk II

Municipal Court Supervisor

Museum Curator

Museum Customer Specialist

Museum Development Coordinator

Museum Exhibits Designer

Museum Registrar

Natural Resource Specialist

Navigation Technician

Neighborhood Development Outreach Specialist

Neighborhood Services Manager

Network Administrator I

Network Administrator II

OEM (Office of Emergency Management) Coordinator

OEM (Office of Emergency Management) Deputy Director 

Occupational NP PA

Office Assistant/ Receptionist

Office Services Coordinator

Office Specialist

Operations Research and Statistics Specialist

PPRCN System Manager


Park Ranger 

Park Ranger Supervisor

Parking Enforcement Officer

Parking Enterprise Director

Parking Enterprise Operations Manager

Parking Systems Manager

Parking Meter Technician

Parks Development Manager

Parks Operations Administrator

Parks Operations and Development Manager

Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Services Director

Parts Supply Specialist

Payroll and Pension Administrator

Payroll and Pension Tech I

Payroll and Pension Tech II

Physical Therapist II

Physical Therapy Assistant

Pikes Peak America's Mountain Manager

Planner I

Planner II

Planning and Community Development Director

Planning Manager

Planning Technician

Police Administrative Services Manager

Police Chief

Police Court Liaison

Police Deputy Chief

Police Evidence Manager

Police Evidence Supervisor

Police Financial Services Coordinator

Police Fleet Supply Coordinator

Police Impound Facility Supervisor

Police Logistics Support Manager

Police Psychologist

Police Quartermaster Supervisor

Police Records Manager

Police Services Representative Lead

Police Services Representative

Polygraphist I

Polygraphist II

Principal Planner

Printing Technician

Probation Officer

Probation Technician

Procurement Services Manager

Program Administrator I 

Program Administrator II

Program Coordinator

Project Design Specialist

Prosecuting Attorney

Public Communications Specialist I

Public Communications Specialist II

Public Communications Supervisor

Public Communications Technician

Public Safety Communications Manager

Public Safety Communications Supervisor

Public Safety Communications Supervisor Lead

Public Safety Dispatcher I

Public Safety Dispatcher II

Public Safety Dispatch Trainer

Public Safety Recruiter

Public Works Director/ City Engineer

Public Works Operations Manager

Radio Communications Supervisor

Radio Field Engineer

Radio Installer

Radio Technician

Real Estate Services Manager

Real Estate Specialist II

Real Estate Specialist I

Records Systems Administrator

Records Systems Coordinator

Records Supervisor

Recreation Assistant

Recreation and Administration Manager

Recreation Therapist


Redevelopment Specialist

Regional Emergency Management and Recovery Director

Regional Parks Manager

Registered Nurse Navigator

Risk Manager

Risk Supervisor, Occupational Health

Risk Supervisor, Workers Compensation

SIMD Unit Administrator

Safety Specialist

Sales Tax Auditor I

Sales Tax Auditor II

Sales Tax Enforcement Supervisor

Sales Tax Investigator I

Sales Tax Investigator II

Sales Tax Investigator Supervisor

Sales Tax Manager

Sales Tax Technician 

Senior Accountant

Senior Accounting Technician

Senior Airport Operations Agent

Senior Analyst

Senior Application Support Administrator

Senior Applications Programmer Analyst

Senior Attorney

Senior Auditor

Senior Business Analyst, IT

Senior Buyer

Senior Claims Adjustor

Senior Code Enforcement Officer

Senior Contracting Specialist

Senior Crime Scene Investigator

Senior Courtroom Assistant

Senior Cyber Security Analyst

Senior Database Administrator

Senior Engineer

Senior Equipment Operator

Senior ERP Systems Analyst

Senior Evidence Technician

Senior Fire and Life Safety Educator

Senior Fire Code Inspector

Senior Fleet Technician

Senior Forensic Chemist

Senior Forestry Technician 

Senior GIS Analyst

Senior Human Resource Business Partner

Senior Human Resources Technician

Senior Information Technology Architect

Senior IT Project Manager

Senior IT Solutions Engineer

Senior Landscape Architect

Senior Legal Secretary

Senior License Specialist

Senior Maintenance Technician

Senior Medical Assistant

Senior Marshal

Senior Municipal Court Clerk

Senior Network Administrator

Senior Office Specialist

Senior Paralegal

Senior Parking Meter Technician

Senior Planner

Senior Probation Officer

Senior Probation Technician

Senior Public Communications Specialist

Senior Real Estate Specialist

Senior Recruiter

Senior Redevelopment Specialist

Senior Sales Tax Auditor

Senior Sales Tax Investigator

Senior Skilled Maintenance Technician

Senior Systems Administrator

Senior Technical Support Analyst

Senior Volunteer Coordinator

Service Desk Supervisor 

Signs Technician I

Signs Technician II

Skilled Maintenance Supervisor

Skilled Maintenance Technician I

Skilled Maintenance Technician II

Small Business Development Administrator

Special Events Coordinator

Special Events Supervisor

Staff Assistant

Street Operations Manager

Street Programs Supervisor

Streets District Supervisor

Streets Manager

Streets Operations Program Assistant

Street Training Supervisor

Systems Administrator I

Systems Administrator II

Technical Support Analyst I

Technical Support Analyst II

TOPS Manager

Training Specialist

Transit Business Operations Administrator

Transit Dispatcher

Transit Scheduler

Transit Services Supervisor

Transit Systems Manager

Urban Renewal Authority Executive Director

Utilities Locator

Victim Advocate

Victim Advocate Coordinator

Video Production Specialist

Volunteer Coordinator

Water Conservation Specialist

Water Quality Program Manager