2016 MYLA Future Industries: Allison Plute

Allison Plute has spent over 10 years engaging the community in conservation education and outreach, specifically focusing on our community's precious water resources and stewardship of our local watershed.

Allison started Creek Week, a regional stewardship event in its third year that encourages community cleanups to improve the Fountain Creek Watershed.  The 10 day event attracts hundreds of volunteers and boasts participation from all communities in the watershed, from Monument to Pueblo.

Her consistent willingness to drive sustainable solutions and tackle any project makes her an ideal community partner and an asset to Colorado Springs.

Allison has served as a steering committee member of Pikes Peak Earth Day. She is a member of the Colorado Association for Environmental Education, and a member of the National Association for Interpretation.

Congratulations Allison!

The Mayor’s Young Leaders Award (MYLA) recognizes the outstanding achievements in five categories: Future Industries, Economic Impact, Creative Industry, Innovation in Education and Innovation in Sports and Wellness.