Sustainability Resources

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Explore the following resources to learn more about sustainability actions, trends, programs, and partners.

Recycling Directory

El Paso County created a Recycling Directory that has information on almost every household and commercial material and how to properly recycle, compost, or dispose of it. Drop-off locations, times, and contact information for each material is listed. It is a great resource to utilize when trying to determine what to do with your used/unneeded materials.

Vehicle Donations

Veteran Car Donations

City Offers Free Mulch

The City has a free mulch pile that is available to residents. The mulch pile is replenished randomly, so it is first-come, first-served and sometimes the bin is empty. City residents are encouraged to take as much as they need! (Not for commercial use or resale.) You will need to bring your own tools and containers for loading and transporting the mulch. Directions to the mulch pile: take I-25 to Fontenero, Exit #144, travel east to Recreation Way, turn right onto Recreation Way and drive south to 1601 Recreation Way (big metal bldg. with Forestry Operations Center sign in front and fence around it). The free mulch pile will be on your RIGHT, across the street from the building, on the WEST side of Recreation Way.

Free Porcelain Recycling by Colorado Springs Utilities

This service is available for residential and business customers. All types of fixtures including toilets, urinals, sinks, etc. are accepted by the program. The fixtures are recycled and reused as road base material in local paving operations.  To date, CSU has recycled over 15,000 toilets. They only ask that all non-porcelain is removed before drop-off.  Here is a link to locations and details: 

Stormwater Connection

The City’s stormwater team compiled great information on waste and recycling actions you can take to reduce the material running into storm drains in conjunction with proper disposal techniques. See their web page here

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