Rock Ledge Ranch Policies

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Rock Ledge Ranch is part of the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services of Colorado Springs. Policies have been put in place by PRC and the LHA to provide a safer, more enjoyable environment for everyone.


Even during the off-season the ranch is a beautiful place. Photographers come from miles around to use various parts of the ranch as their backdrop. As long as there aren’t any public events happening at the ranch, you are welcome to use the site for yourself and your clients. You are responsible for your clients’ well-being and you may not enter the buildings (they’ll be locked up anyway).

During events, the docents don’t mind being photographed, but you should use professional courtesy. Ask first and keep at a polite distance. Some events, such as the Pow Wow, have additional rules regarding photography.

Tripods are not allowed indoors unless you have written proof of consent from the ranch manager for that specific date. If you bring a tripod to use outside, please use it at a time and place where it won’t obstruct people from enjoying the ranch grounds. If you have further questions, you may send them through our contact form.


Please enjoy food and drink outside on the lawn in front of the Orchard house or on one of the various benches and picnic tables throughout the park grounds. Food is not allowed near farm animals or in the historic buildings. Please discard your trash in one of the designated receptacles throughout the park.

Farm Animals

Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site is an operational farm. Being such, it contains various farm animals such as sheep, cows, chickens and horses. You are invited to look at the animals but are requested to not pet or touch them without permission from an active Rock Ledge Ranch staff member. You are not allowed to feed them at any time.


We encourage you to bring your pets to the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site, but ask that a few rules be observed. Pets must be on a leash at all times and are not allowed in the structures. Those bringing pets are expected to clean up after them.


Though Rock Ledge Ranch Living History Museum is mainly outdoors, we ask that you keep smoking to a minimum. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the buildings. If you choose to smoke outdoors we ask that you act responsibly and extinguish cigarettes and cigars completely before discarding them in trash receptacles.


Rock Ledge Ranch offers glass and plastic recycling bins throughout the park. We encourage visitors to support our sensitivity to the environment by using them. Please use trash receptacles for other disposable items to keep our park clean and beautiful. Littering is unlawful. Since Rock Ledge Ranch is on Colorado Springs city grounds, littering may result in fines.