Notice of Hearing for Certificate of Designation

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In accordance Colorado Department of Health and Environment’s “Solid Waste Disposal Sites and Facilities Act” (part 1 of article 20 of title 30, Colorado Revised Statutes, and published in the Code of Colorado Regulations at 6 CCR 1007.2, and any subsequent amendment thereto, City Ord. 94-21; Ord 01-42) the below described applications for a Certificate of Designation at the southwest corner of Van Buren Street and Centennial Boulevard is being referred to the City Planning Commission for Consideration on December 20, 2018.

MVS Centennial is requesting approval of a Certificate of Designation for the cleanup and consolidation of a solid waste disposal site. The existing site is a 17.9 acre landfill, this site would be consolidated into a 3.6 acre landfill of non-hazardous solid waste compacted in place.  No new landfill material will be authorized to be placed onsite.

For more information regarding the Certificate of Designation application and processing, please reference City Code Section 6.3.101 through 6.3.112.

For more information regarding the MVS proposal, please contact staff planner Lonna Thelen at 719-385-5383 or

Posting dates: November 26, 2018 through December 20, 2018