Infill and Redevelopment

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InfillDevelopment of vacant land within previously built areas. These areas are already served by public infrastructures, such as transportation and utilities. Parks and open space are also considered infill, since they are permanent uses for vacant parcels. Comprehensive PlanA comprehensive plan is a guiding document that provides a framework for city policies and priorities regarding the physical development of the city. It is a long-range vision of what we want our city to become and is a tool for making decisions about how that vision should be achieved. It outlines strategic steps to make the vision a reality and provides targeted and strategic planning of the physical development of the city. Chapter & Action Plan

On March 22, 2016, City Council adopted a new Infill Chapter to the City's Comprehensive Plan along with a separate but related Infill Action Plan. The new Chapter amends the City's Comprehensive Plan by Ordinance and will be used to provide high level policy guidance for the City both to support initiatives that further infill and in the review of applicable land use applications for consistency with these goals. The Action Plan does not formally amend the Comprehensive Plan but has been adopted by resolution to provide a more adaptable set of strategic and actionable recommendations.

Work on the Action Plan is ongoing. City staff will be periodically posting updated versions of the documents in order to summarize the status and progress of the Plan.

For additional information, please contact Carl Schueler, Comprehensive Planning Manager at (719) 385-5391 or at

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In late 2014, the City Council authorized the formation of a broadly based Infill and Redevelopment Steering Committee for the purpose of advising City leadership on strategies to support and encourage infill and redevelopment throughout the City and to recommend language for a new Chapter within the City's Comprehensive Plan addressing the topic. President Pro-Tem Jill Gaebler served as the Chair of the Committee with Councilperson Andy Pico served as Co-Chair.

Infill Committee Mission Statement: The Infill Steering Committee will collaboratively assist City leadership through policy creation and the formulation of priorities and actionable strategies to support and encourage infill and redevelopment.  This process will result in a recommended new chapter to the City's Comprehensive Plan.

Infill Committee Definition and Statement of Importance: Infill and redevelopment activities include the development, redevelopment, major renovation and/or adaptive use of properties or buildings in the older and largely developed areas of the City. Infill and redevelopment are essential to the City's long-term fiscal sustainability and to its overall vibrancy, livability, and quality of life.

For verification on specific meeting dates and times, questions or additional information, contact Carl Schueler, Planning Manager, Comprehensive Planning.

Carl Schueler, AICP

30 S. Nevada Avenue, #701

Colorado Springs, CO  80903

(719) 385-5391