Prospect Lake Aeration

Planning Phase

Current status

Recently, in 2019 and 2020, toxic blue-green algae blooms resulted in the closures of Prospect Lake to all contact and contributed to significant fish kills. Stagnant water is one of the conditions that contributes to the presence of blue-green algae.  With a goal of managing the long-term health of the lake and with funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), alternative aeration system designs have been developed to combat this issue. 

Lake aeration basics

Lake aeration is a process of introducing oxygen into a body of water to improve its water quality. The aerator works by forcing air bubbles through the lake water. The oxygen in the air bubbles then diffuses into the lake, which helps reduce the levels of pollutants in the water and increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the lake among other water quality improvements. Both design alternatives utilize aeration to improve water quality with Design 2 incorporating ultrasonic algae control units that float on the surface of the water to further inhibit algae growth.

Meeting Materials

About Prospect Lake

Prospect Lake is located in the southeast corner of Memorial Park.  The land where the lake is located was deeded by General William Jackson Palmer in 1890. It served as the reservoir to irrigate Evergreen Cemetery until a non-potable irrigation system was installed in 1950. Since that time, Prospect Lake has served as a recreational amenity for both residents and visitors alike. 



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