Downtown Roadway Projects

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Making downtown a walkable and bike-friendly center connected through safe and accessible multimodal networks is a priority in Colorado Springs. It's one of eight goals outlined in the Experience Downtown Master Plan

Roadway resurfacing is scheduled for downtown Colorado Springs in 2017 and 2018. This gives the city an opportunity to implement some multimodal projects designed to enhance safety and access for all users.

Improvements outside of the roadway resurfacing have been long-envisioned and will be funded through other sources. 


    Link the Loop Phase I: Pikes Peak Avenue New Roadway Striping  Cascade Avenue to Corona Street

    East of Nevada Ave. this project will provide a safe connection for pedestrians and bicycles to the downtown core from the Shooks Run trail, which is part of the Legacy Loop. The project includes lane reductions due to low traffic volume, reallocation of parking, addition of protected crosswalks and center median, and addition of protected bike lanes.

    West of Nevada Ave. this project (combined with the Cascade project below) will provide a safe connection to the downtown core from the Pikes Peak Greenway trail, which is also part of the Legacy Loop. The project includes lane reductions and addition of buffered bike lanes.

    These Pikes Peak Ave. projects combined with the Cascade Ave. project below are collectively "Link-the-Loop."

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    Weber St. between Pikes Peak Ave. and Rio Grande St. 

    This project will create connectivity between the Lowell neighborhoodA geographic sub-area within the city that contains but is not limited to residential land uses. The extent of a neighborhood is variable and may be defined by tradition, organizational boundaries, period of building and development, or subdivision patterns. Neighborhood boundaries may include such features as major streets or other physical elements. and downtown. It includes the addition of new bike lanes, reallocation of parking in certain locations, and lane reduction from four to two lanes with addition of a center turn lane. 

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    Cascade Ave. from Platte Ave. to Colorado Ave.

    This project (combined with the Pikes Peak from Nevada to Cascade project above) will provide safe connection to the downtown core from the Pikes Peak Greenway trail, which is part of the Legacy Loop. There will be no vehicle lane reductions due to current traffic volume and accessibility to I-25. On-street bike lanes will be added and some street parking will be removed.

    This project combined with the Pikes Peak Ave. projects above are collectively "Link-the-Loop."

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    Cucharras Street from Nevada to the Eastern Dead End

    There will be some changes to parking as well as the addition of bike lanes.


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    Not all streets undergoing paving downtown will be reconfigured. The following streets will be repaved, but no other changes will be made.

    • Boulder Street from Cascade Ave. to Nevada Ave.
    • Las Vegas Street from Nevada Ave. to Sierra Madre Ave.
    • Mill Street from Weber Street to Nevada Ave.
    • Moreno Ave. from Weber Street to Tejon Street
    • Nevada Ave. from I-25 to Las Animas Street
    • Nevada Ave. from Colorado Ave. to Platte Ave.

    Link the Loop

    The vision for these improvements is to create an improved network of connectivity for all users, including cyclists. This map shows how 2017 downtown roadway projects will create a connection across the Legacy Loop from the Pikes Peak Greenway to Shooks Run.