Pikes Peak Children's Water Festival

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About the Water Festival

The Pikes Peak Children's Water Festival will occur May 17, 2019. It gives fourth-grade students a chance to learn about water, wildlife, and pollution in a fun, hands-on setting.

Numerous water-related organizations presented a variety of topics. 

  • Catamount Institute will bring water samples from Mesa Creek to teach about macro-invertebrates and worms.
  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife will have live fish for kids to make better connections to local aquatic ecosystems.
  • The Stormwater Enterprise will use EnviroScape models to explain point and non-point source pollution, stormwater run-off and who contaminants impact water.
  • Colorado Springs Utilities will teach students about their water system, how to protect pipes from rusting, the effects of the Waldo Canyon fire on run-off and will play water relay races.

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    Pikes Peak Children's Water Festival


    The Pikes Peak Children's Water Festival is jointly coordinated by the City of Colorado Springs and Colorado Springs Utilities, with support from Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado Springs School District 11, Catamount Institute, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Pikes Peak Library District.

    Pikes Peak Children's Water Festival Committee