Stormwater Project Reduces Flooding on Teal Court

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Neighbors in Southeast Colorado Springs near Fountain Blvd and Chelton Road will have some welcome relief from localized flooding in the Teal Court cul-de-sac that has consistently flooding during heavy rain events.


This multiphase project was completed with excess sales tax revenues voters allowed the City to retain for stormwater repairs. The Water Resources Engineering Division removed the old, poorly functioning storm inlet with larger curb inlets and a new storm sewer which will to help direct to Spring Creek and reduce street flooding.

Together, these improvements will work to eliminate localized flooding in the area and increase access and help everyone get through the neighborhoodA geographic sub-area within the city that contains but is not limited to residential land uses. The extent of a neighborhood is variable and may be defined by tradition, organizational boundaries, period of building and development, or subdivision patterns. Neighborhood boundaries may include such features as major streets or other physical elements.  more safely during large rain events.