Stormwater Fee: Non-Residential Information

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The monthly fee for developed or improved non-residential property is $30 per acre.

In calculating this fee for larger non-residential parcels over 5 acres, undeveloped land and large grassed areas will not be counted as they do not significantly contribute to stormwater runoff. Provision F of the Stormwater Enterprise Ordinance allows the City to remove any undeveloped portions of land from the evaluations for parcels five acres or larger.

Provision F. For individual parcels of improved or developed non-residential property larger than five acres in size, in determining the size in acres or portion of an acre subject to the service fees, the Stormwater Manager shall disregard continuous area of substantial size which either (1) have not been improved and remain in a natural state, or (2) which are improved only with pervious grass and vegetative covering, including park land, golf course playing areas, and grassed athletic fields; provided, however, that this provision shall under no circumstances be applied to exclude from the fees areas of grass and landscaping associated with improvements or developments.

The City uses strict criteria to evaluate all non-residential properties over five acres to determine the proportion of developed to non-developed property to ensure an accurate and fair evaluation of fees for each parcel.  

The City conducts a thorough review of all non-residential parcels to ensure fees are calculated accurately and will continue to work with owners of large non-residential parcels to help facilitate implementation of the fee and respond to questions/concerns. 

The City of Colorado Springs will also pay stormwater fees for developed land on all City-owned as the developed land contributes to stormwater runoff. 

For non-residential stormwater billing questions call 719-385-7876.